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Report Management Portal
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Picom's ERM - Enterprise Report Management Portal

ERM portal main functions

This report management application extracts, archives and delivers critical corporate reports, statements and documents to end users' desktops. Senior managers or employees can drill down directly to the required information and view or print only the portion needed in any format. Picom's ERM portal provides a single enterprise document repository with powerful search and retrieval capabilities. Its document lifecycle infrastructure creates audit-proof access to corporate documents and work papers with a single query. This automated document content management boosts reporting efficiency, and also addresses the problems of emerging regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Picom ERM portal combines content and processes to support all e-business requirements and internal bank operations.
Archiving and distributing reports, documents and images using Picom translates into significant savings for banks - in both direct dollars and staff resources. Adoption of this ERM portal will streamline report distribution, and eliminate the processing and physical delivery of documents It will also immediately improve employee, and manager information access. Picom ERM Portal puts all customer information at your customer service representative's fingertips. A single request returns a virtual e-folder with all the information about a customer; loan information, statements, transactions, check images, signature cards, correspondence etc.
Check image integration, eliminates the need to do additional searches for check images by hyper linking check numbers on reports directly to the related images contained in a check imaging repository.
Swift statement repository enables customer service representatives to search and retrieve swift transactions and distribute it to the customer online.

Picom's ERM portal - main functions:
  • Web delivery and e-mail distribution of periodic enterprise reports and documents on various formats such as HTML, PDF, Excel, JPEG and more via portal desktop.
  • Archive, index and retrieval processes for historical enterprise reports and documents via portal desktop.
  • Management and retrieval of historical data (archive) while specifying number of report versions to be saved in the following manner: Versions to be saved on the Picom server (online versions) and versions to be saved by a backup/ archive server. Saving history includes data compression.
  • On demand slicing & dicing of reports information via the portal desktop; Aggregation, Queries, conversion to Excel/PDF, graphs generation etc.
  • On Demand data Transformation to Excel brings capabilities of immediate transfer of all integrated data from the reports to an Excel spreadsheet by pressing an operational button on the user's toolbar.
  • Navigating, searching and drilling down between reports, documents and images according to pre defined business entities (customer, branch, accounts..) - Hyperlink Technology.
  • Customer Centric View of reports and documents to support customer service activity.
  • Reports notifications enabling the user to add notes to the report entities, distribute notes via e-mail and support business processes.
  • Unique e-Folders creation around customers including; report segments, attachments (checks, contracts and letters) etc.
  • Automatic batch /on demand e-mail distribution of reports and documents to authorized users on PDF, HTML and Excel formats.
  • Automatic batch /on demand e-mail distribution of reports and documents to authorized users on designed letters.
  • Desktop portal viewer enables personalization per user/group of users, comprised solely of information relevant to the authorized user.

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