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Document /Image Archive and Delivery
Enterprise Report Management
Business Process Management
Content Integration and Delivery

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Picom's Business Process Management

Picom's Enterprise Report Management and documents repositories are fully integrated with workflow engines and Business Process Management (BPM) tools. The needs to automate business processes that include people, applications and unstructured content as an integrated environment lead organizations to invest in process automation. Optimizing the business processes enable the organization to better comply with regulations, and quickly respond to changing market dynamics and customer demands.

Picom's content management platform enables the branch employees to run daily processes that involve retrieval of information from the core banking applications, search the on line and archive reports and drill down to related images and documents. Information is collaborated between the users based on their authorization level, monitoring is available to track bottlenecks and improve audit.

Picom's content management platform enables Insurance agent, sales managers, underwrites and adjusters, easy access to unified customer view across all lines of business and products. Picom gathers all the customer transactions, polices and claims information in one view and enables the users to manage, route and monitor the related processes across the organization. Activities and Tasks could be assigned, prioritized and monitored by the employees and their supervisors.

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