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Document /Image Archive and Delivery
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Content Integration and Delivery

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Picom's Content Integration and Delivery

Picom's Content Integration and Delivery platform enables easy integration of corporate information around any business entity. It provides a single point of entry for authorized users to view all the required information; enabling customers, agents, brokers, customer service representatives, adjusters a comprehensive consolidated view across all business lines and applications.

Picom's Content Integration takes disparate data sources (reports, documents, images, database records, web services etc.) and turns them into a single view of business information, accessible through a single virtual folder. It enables the business users immediate search for the consolidated information including drill down capabilities through the integrated information for decision support.

Picom's unique solution significantly Improves customer service by providing access to all back office information, images and host-computer activity in order to provide the customer service representatives (Call Centers) and CRM systems access to adequate information. This software solution considerably improves efficiencies and reduces integration and distribution costs, not to mention cutting processing time significantly.

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