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Document /Image Archive and Delivery
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Picom's Document/Image Archive and Delivery

Main Features  |  Benefits

Picom's Document/Image Archive and Delivery is a web-based content management solution for storage, archiving, retrieval and delivery of the corporate documents and images from regulated documents to incoming and outgoing content and images. Picom's Document/Image Archive and Delivery platform creates centralized audit-proof repository with powerful search and retrieval capabilities to corporate documents and images via portal technology.

Picom's repository creates content integration layer, improves information accessibility and addresses issues of emerging regulations. Picom's Document/Image Archive and Delivery platform enables integration of the documents and images with business applications including direct retrieval of related images from the applications form, distribute them including interaction with the business processes using workflows.

Picom's Document/Image Archive and Delivery generates consolidated view for any business entity by centerlizing and presenting all related documents, images, reports and information under one e-folder.

Picom's Document/Image Archive and Delivery main features:
  • Capture, index, archive and distribute electronic documents and images in various formats.
  • Web delivery and e-mail distribution of documents and images via portal desktop.
  • Archive, index and retrieval processes for historical documents via portal desktop.
  • Navigating, searching and drilling down between reports, documents and images according to pre defined business entities (customer, branch, accounts..) - Hyperlink Technology.
  • Customer Centric View of reports and documents to support customer service activity.
  • Document notifications enabling the user to add notes to the document, distribute notes via e-mail and support business processes.
  • Unique e-Folders creation around customers including; report segments, documents, images (checks, contracts and letters) etc.
  • Desktop portal viewer enables personalization per user/group of users, comprised solely of information relevant to the authorized user.
  • Integration with workflow systems to monitor business processes.
  • Integration with business applications.
  • Secure state-of-the-art Web-based technology.
  • Centralized documents and images repository.
  • Improved documents retrieval.
  • Reduced storage space requirements.
  • Automated documents related processes.
  • Retain detailed audit trails of activity within the archive.
  • Enhanced decision support and control system for performance measurement.
  • Rapid deployment process and quick return on investment.

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