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Picom's ERM - Enterprise Report Management Portal

ERM portal main functions

Picom comprehensive Enterprise Report Portal captures, stores, archives and automatically delivers the corporate reports and documents to the end user portal desktop. Any user (employee, manager and agent) can drill directly to the required information and view/print only the portion that is needed.

Picom creates and delivers private e-folders to extranet users such as agents and brokers via a web browser portal or e-mail. Reports and documents are captured and indexed directly from the carrier's back office applications, regardless of platform, system, or location, and delivered to the agents on various formats such as HTML, PDF, and Excel.

Archiving and distributing reports, documents and images to employees, managers and agents using Picom represents significant savings over the costs associated with the processing and physical delivery of documents. Adoption of this portal will streamline report distribution, relieving the carrier operations of preparing and distributing reports, (beside the savings associated with the physical delivery of reports, this portal offer significant savings in man-hours spent preparing and managing this process), and improving the employees, agents and sales managers' information availability 24* 7 via browser.

Picom's ERM portal - main functions:
  • Web delivery of periodic enterprise reports and documents on various formats such as HTML, PDF, Excel, JPEG and more via portal desktop.
  • Archive, index and retrieval processes for historical enterprise reports and documents via portal desktop.
  • On demand slicing & dicing of reports information via the portal desktop; Aggregation, Queries, conversion to Excel/PDF, graphs generation etc.
  • Navigating, searching and drilling down between reports, documents and images according to pre defined business entities (agent, customer, policy etc.).
  • Customer Centric View of reports and documents to support CSR activity.
  • Reports notifications enabling the user to add notes to the report entities, distribute notes via e-mail and support business processes.
  • Unique e-Folders creation around agents and customers.
  • Viewing the customer policy declarations on PDF format.
  • Viewing the customer claim images and related documents (report segments, letters and forms).
  • Automatic batch /on demand e-mail distribution of reports and documents to authorized users on PDF, HTML and Excel formats.
  • Automatic batch /on demand e-mail distribution of reports and documents to authorized users on designed letters.

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