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Report Management Portal
Customer Centric Branch Portal

Customer Centric Branch Portal

This Content Management solution brings integrated information and analysis capabilities to a bank and its branches via web browser. Our advanced technology automatically extracts and catalogs information from disparate applications such as legacy systems, mainframe, PC documents, reports, web-enabled applications and enables a bank to create a customer-centric view that improves and enriches its interaction with those customers.

The Picom server aggregates information from various sources - daily or periodic reports as well as analytic reports, unstructured information (such as customer correspondence, checks) etc. Picom makes this information available immediately to the right user using business rules, proactive management control, event triggers and monitoring exceptions, and allows the users to drill down through integrated information and quickly view specific data. Our unique solution significantly improves customer service by providing access to all back office information, images and host-computer activity, in order to provide the customer service representatives and customers using self-service with access to complete information in a single interface.

Picom portal also contains a decision support solution; an extensive web-enabled personalization module; advanced search capabilities; interoperability with various platforms and localized language support.

This solution considerably improves efficiencies and reduces costs, such as integration, distribution, printing, photocopying costs and many others, in a single integrated overview, not to mention cutting processing time significantly.

All of these applications can be fully integrated to create a complete extranet portal solution. Whatever the information integration needs of your company, Picom's proven product applications deliver tangible benefits that will yield quick return on investment. With a short deployment process involving no programming and fully scalable integration architecture, the bottom line results are better decisions, faster response times and greater profitability.

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