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Picom's Agent Extranet Portal

Extranet Agent Portal main functions

Picom's Agent Portal provides a single point of interaction between the insurance carriers and their distribution channels. By using Picom's Agent Portal the insurance carrier may provide agents, agencies and brokers 24/7 secured access to an integrated and aggregated information such as; production information, online forms, printable forms, account information, policy information, claim information, billing information, policy quoting, document submission, images, declarations and more.
Picom's Agent Portal streamline business processes and information flow for insurance carriers and distribution channels.
Picom's Agent Portal provides integrated information and analysis capabilities to the insurance companies and their agents, via web based portal.
Picom's Agent Portal provides agents, agencies and brokers with a convenient access to information pertaining to their customers' portfolio. The Portal streamlines all operations relating to customer account management by the agent, making the carrier and the agent more responsive, leading to a quicker claim resolution and a better overall communication between the customer, agent, and the carrier.
The Agent Portal allows agents a convenient access to their personal e-folder which includes all the agent's related information such as production reports, commission reports, transactions status, policy renewals, documentations etc... Picom's Agent Portal allows agents' managers to drill down through integrated information or charts, and to view specific data more closely, such as lists of agents per region (or other segments), total premium per agent, new premiums VS renewals per agent, total premium per business line, lists of clients per agent and lists of policies per client, financial transactions etc.
Picom's Agent Portal is fully integrated with the Picom Enterprise Report Portal to create a complete agent extranet portal solution. It is portal software for supporting transaction-oriented business processes using Acord XML standard and other leading integration components.

Picom's Agent Extranet Portal - main functions:
  • Web View of the customers' portfolio list per agent.
  • Drill down to the customer e-Folders (transaction reports, letters, policies declarations, claim information etc.)
  • Uploading Images and files to the customer folders.
  • Drilling down to the customer policy folders.
  • Drilling down to the customer claim folders.
  • Automatic generation of Alerts and letters for policy renewals, payments etc.
  • Insured information update.
  • Policy Quotes creation for various product lines (collaboration with the legacy back office system).
  • Policy Renewals for the agent's customers (collaboration with the legacy back office system).
  • Downloading periodical update files from the carrier's legacy applications.
  • Downloading the company's forms.
  • Viewing the company's regulations.
  • Agent Global news and Personal notifications.
  • Customer Centric View to support agents and CSR activities.
  • And more

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