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Picom's CCV - Customer Centric View Portal

Picom CCV provides a single point of entry for authorized users to view all customer information. Picom CCV solution enables customers, agents/brokers, CSRs (customer service representative), adjusters and MGAs a comprehensive customer view across business lines. It facilitates a consolidated portfolio of the customer's policies, financials and personal information, thus providing a single, unified view of the customer's insurance status.
Picom CCV extracts all customer data from the back office systems, imaging systems and front office applications, and creates a customer data mart. It enables insurance carriers to centralize and standardize all customer relevant data for further analysis (virtual CRM). Picom CCV is a business intelligence solution, which gathers integrated information from heterogeneous e-Business applications and legacy systems to provide users with powerful query and reporting capabilities. Picom CCV provides powerful integrated graph capabilities, which display customer trends accompanied by drill down tools.

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